Eastside Massage Clinic - Bellevue, Washington

Eastside Massage Clinic
1130 140th Ave NE, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98005

Massage | Accupuncture | Naturopathy

Payment at Time of Service Massage
30 Minute Massage - $49
60 Minute Massage - $79
90 Minute Massage - $118

Enjoy Package Rates
3 Massage Package - $76.50 each massage
6 Massage Package - $74.00 each massage

Medical Treatment Massage
Reflects amount billed for treatment prescribed and supevised by your physican. Reimbursement rates depend on contracted amounts determined by insurance companies and Washington State regulations.

60 Minute Massage - $160
Hydrotherapy (hot/cold) - $40
Assessments & Reassessments - $45 - $30

Medical Treatment rates reflect the amount billed. Reimbursement rates depend on amounts determined by contracted insurance companies. Patients are responsible for all non-contracted balances as well as deductibles, co-insurances, co-pays and denied coverage amounts. Please feel free to contact our office. We are happy to help assist with any questions you may have.

Cancellation Policy
As your appointment time is reserved especially for you, we require 24 hour advance notice for cancellations. As a courtesy, we make an effort to confirm with you the day before your appointment. To avoid cancellation fees, we kindly ask you to call in advance to reschedule or cancel appointments.  Thank You!