Eastside Massage Clinic - Bellevue, Washington

Eastside Massage Clinic
1130 140th Ave NE, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98005

Eastside Massage Clinic - Bellevue, Washington
Welcome to Eastside Massage Clinic, where you will find a wonderful blend of massage therapies in a comfortable, professional setting. As insurance providers, we offer affordable medical care. Our extensive experience with insurance requirements insures you the best possible experience, with the least amount of stress! Our Therapists' techniques range from gentle myofascial release to deep tissue. We offer treatment for painful soft tissue injures caused by automobile accidents as well as treatment for migraine, neck, back and foot pain.
Massage Tables Bellevue Washington
Our therapist are experienced in treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms, carpal tunnel, and pregnancy-related discomforts. Or, enjoy a little time for yourself! Let the stress of daily life melt away, Drift off, be soothed and rejuvenated... Like no other experience, massage is a moment in time, held exclusively for you. Call with any questions or to schedule a massage appointment.